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Gonzaba Medical Group believes you deserve the best care possible. Browse the list below to see why patients trust Gonzaba with their medical care.

YOU will be the Agent of Record GMG Patients enjoy our PERKS
5 Convenient Locations Exceptional Patient Service
55+ Years of Working with Seniors

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Providing Healthcare to San Antonio for More Than 50 Years

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Acute and Chronic Care

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Caring for Your Clients…Protecting your Hard work

(210) 529-8300


Natalie – Patient

I was referred by my daughter and she me brought over to Dr. Gallegos. Everyone was very nice and very helpful. Explained to me everything they were going to do and why. And then I got to see the doctor and he took his time to explain everything that he was going to do so I am very, very happy.

Juanie – New Patient

I was referred and am looking forward to Gonzaba. I have heard good things about them: their environment, their staff, everything.

Josephine – 1 year

I recently joined Gonzaba as a member. Anything I need or any question I have, they are very fast at answering me and sending me to the doctors or the specialists I need. The doctors are helpful. If I have any problems, they refer me to the right specialists.

Suprano – 1 year

It’s nearby and the people are great there. I really think that Gonzaba is a nice place to go to. I was going to another hospital and they were treating me pretty… I would say ok. I personally felt like they had given up on me so when I saw Dr. Botero, he really cares about his patients and he has been taking care of me ever since.

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Our Locations

Northwest Clinic

7616 Culebra Road, #130
San Antonio, TX 78251

Main Telephone:

Woodlawn Clinic

902 Bandera Road
San Antonio, TX 78228

Main Telephone:

Main Clinic

720 Pleasanton Road
San Antonio, TX 78214

Main Telephone:

Downtown Clinic

1303 McCullough Ave. #170
San Antonio, TX 78212

Main Telephone:

Guadalupe Clinic

1423 Guadalupe Street
San Antonio, TX 78207

Main Telephone:

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