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Medicare FAQs

How old do I have to be to come to Gonzaba?

Gonzaba offers treatment to children and adult patients. Our doctors specify the age groups of patients they will treat. Most say 18 and older. Some say 2 years and up. However, Gonzaba’s focus is on managing the health of our senior (65+) population through their Medicare Advantage plans. To learn more about becoming a patient of Gonzaba Medical Group, contact our clinic at 210.921.3800

Can I continue to see my specialists if I choose Gonzaba as my PCP?

Because of our managed care model, your Gonzaba PCP will closely monitor and manage your health. This includes directing your care at the specialist level through our own group of pre-defined provider network. If your specialist is already a part of our network, you could continue with them, but most likely specialist providers would change.

What plans does GONZABA accept?

We accept all major insurance carriers. Under Medicare plans, we accept Traditional Medicare, AARP Medicare Complete Secure Horizons, AARP Medicare Complete Essential, UHC Dual Complete, UHC Chronic Complete, Amerigroup Select, Americgroup Classic, Amerivantage Dual Coordination. If you are interested in learning more about these plans, please contact Oralia Flores at 210-981-MEDI (6334) or email her at

Will I see my doctor or a PA when I go to Gonzaba?

Gonzaba manages your health very carefully, and you will always receive the best medical care possible. Regular, scheduled appointments may be with your doctor or with a midlevel nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. If requested, we can schedule most of your routine visits with your PCP. If you use our Urgent Care facility after hours, you will most likely be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.

If I’m on a retirement plan, can I come to Gonzaba?

It depends on your retirement plan. If it is a Fee for Service plan, the answer is yes. If a Medicare Advantage plan that we do not accept, then the answer would be no, unless you are on a PPO MA Plan. In that case, you could come to GMG but would have to pay a slightly higher out of network charge that your PPO defines.

Are the Medicare plans you accept going to cost me anything?

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans in San Antonio are “zero premium” plans, meaning it costs you nothing to enroll and has no monthly premium. Most of the MA Plans have defined copays for services, but PCP copays are often $0.

Will my medications stay the same or change if I come to Gonzaba?

When you become a patient of Gonzaba, our first step will be to do a complete medical workup. This includes a thorough review of your medical charts as well as an initial visit with your PCP, who will fully evaluate your health. After that initial assessment, your PCP may make adjustments to your medications as s/he deems appropriate. Your medications may also change because of your health plan formulary – which will make your meds more affordable.

How can I get help paying for my Medicare Part B?

You can apply for help through the Medicare Savings Program by going to the Social Security office. Your health plan may offer this service as well, so check with the agent who signed you up for your Medicare Advantage plan and they may be able to assist you. You must qualify financially, and if you qualify the program pays your part B premium monthly.

Does GONZABA accept Medicaid patients?

We only accept Medicaid for existing patients, no new patients, at all locations except our Guadalupe clinic.

Do I have to pay a copay for the specialists, Urgent Care, and Physical Therapy that Gonzaba offers?

The copay or coinsurance for these services is defined by your health plan.

If I’m already on a plan that Gonzaba accepts… How do I do a PCP change?

Simply ask at the front desk or with our Patient Advocates. We can make the change in our computer system immediately and assist in making the change with your health plan if needed.

Does Gonzaba offer dental/vision?

The providers of Dental and Vision services are defined by your health plan. GMG does not provide dental or vision care services at this time.