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The Gonzaba Story

We, San are a local agency that helps seniors get the most out of their Medicare benefits and save money. Over the past 10 years we have helped over 5000 seniors and have put nearly $3.5 million dollars back in their pocket through our free assistance in qualifying for Medicaid and Help with the cost of prescription drugs.

Over the past year, we began working together with Gonzaba Medical Group. We found that both our organizations share the same values and passion for helping our senior community. If you have not experienced their Pleasanton Rd Clinic Tour, you should! We were very impressed with the commitment and hard work that Gonzaba has invested, in assuring that each patient receives the best healthcare available today. From the clinic layout to the dedicated staff of doctors and support staff, it is one of the best!

Gonzaba’s investment in opening their Gonzaba Activity Center proves their commitment to serving our senior community and serves as a gathering center for both seniors, organizations, city community groups and agents. The activity center offers and opportunity for seniors to get out of their home and be activity physically through their many activities and just as important allows them to be mentally active through socialization with others at the center.

Gonzaba understands that, working with organizations, city community groups and agents provides a needed service for our senior community and brings awareness of services, assistance and products which are available for the purpose of improving their lives.

We look forward to growing our relationship with Gonzaba and the opportunity to reach out to our seniors. Together as we both strive to improve our efforts to be of service to our growing senior community we can be better equipped to meet and help with the challenges they face today and in the future.

Rudy Sanchez-CEO
Certified Seniors Advisor