Hillcrest Medical Center Now Open

The doors are open and we are now ready to serve Gonzaba Medical Group patients, Como Familia – Like Family!

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Welcome to Gonzaba Medical Group

More than 60 years ago, Dr. Bill Gonzaba implemented a model that would positively change the quality and accessibility of medical care forever. What is now nationally known as the “full-risk” healthcare model puts the patient at the center of the practice and was pioneered by Gonzaba Medical Group, the first locally-owned medical group in San Antonio.

“I wanted to bring quality medical care closer to home for the friends, neighbors and family I grew up with,” shares Dr. Bill. “I had watched my parents and their friends suffer because of the lack of access to medical care.”

Dr. Bill’s passion for people and vision for quality, affordable healthcare blossomed into one of the largest senior-focused medical practices in the city. With three state-of-the-art medical centers and four neighborhood clinics, Gonzaba Medical Group provides comprehensive healthcare and treats each patient with compassion, Como Familia-Like Family.

San Antonio’s #1 Choice
for Senior Healthcare

Call us today and experience the Gonzaba Total Approach, so you can keep doing the things you love.

Physician-Led Healthcare

Coordinated Care

Our primary care physicians coordinate daily with other in-house services such as Urgent Care, Specialty Care, Preventative Services and Physical Medicine.

Specialty Care In-House

In-House Specialty Care

We offer a number of specialties in-house including Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Podiatry, Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Wound Care and Dermatology.

Imaging Services In-House

In-House Imaging Services

Our award-winning Advanced Radiology & Imaging allows you to get CT scans, MRIs, Sonograms, Mammograms, Echocardiograms, and more right from our clinics.

Como Familia – Like Family

Como Familia – Like Family

We’re not just healthcare providers – we’re family and we have hundreds of wellness and social activities, events, giveaways, and celebrations for our patients.

Gonzaba Medical Group Providers

Our goal is to surround patients with quality services and resources that decrease medical costs and increase positive healthcare outcomes. We’ve created a system in which Gonzaba physicians work together daily to provide primary care, urgent care, specialty care, preventive services and end-of-life care all within the same medical group. Each patient has a personalized healthcare team that collaborates on their behalf. Services such as CT scans, MRI’s and lab services are all provided in-house for convenience and efficiency.

The Gonzaba Medical Group commitment to quality care has earned the trust of thousands of patients since 1960, and we are dedicated to delivering on that trust for years to come.

Hillcrest Medical Center
Downtown Clinic
Guadalupe Clinic
Southeast Clinic
North Central Clinic

Services Offered at Gonzaba


Primary Care


Specialty Care


Urgent Care


Physical Medicine


Imaging Services


Palliative Care


Managed Care


Diabetes Optimization


Joint Pain and Arthritis

9 Convenient Locations to Serve Our Senior Patients!

Gonzaba Medical Group offers services at nine convenient locations throughout San Antonio. The Specialty Center further enhances the coordination between specialty and primary care. Urgent Care is available at our 3 Medical Centers – Open 365 days a year, 8 AM – 8 PM.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Call now to get important information about your healthcare options. Our team can guide you through the Annual Enrollment Period. We can connect you to a Medicare expert and make your enrollment easy and worry free. Call (210) 485-1073 today!

Gonzaba Medical Group Field Marketing Specialist, Steven Vargas

Steven Vargas

Field Marketing Manager
(210) 238-3045

Gonzaba Medical Group Field Marketing Specialist, Oralia Flores

Oralia Flores

Field Marketing Administrative Supervisor
(210) 441-8688

Gonzaba Medical Group Field Marketing Specialist, Leticia Banda

Leticia Banda

Field Marketing Specialist
(210) 245-0027

Gonzaba Medical Group Field Marketing Specialist, Iliana Escrigas

Iliana Escrigas

Field Marketing Specialist
(210) 540-1483

Gonzaba Medical Group Field Marketing Specialist, Doreen Garza

Doreen Garza

Field Marketing Specialist
(210) 441-8688

Gonzaba Medical Group Field Marketing Specialist, Jay Bernal

Jay Bernal

Field Marketing Specialist
(210) 834-4396

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