"GMG is the official healthcare sponsor of the Fiesta Flameau Parade"

Gonzaba Medical Group is excited to be the Healthcare sponsor for the 2024 Fiesta Flambeau Parade!

Dr. Leo the Healthcare Lion had a great time celebrating with Torchy, the Flambeau Parade mascot, Mic the KSAT mascot, and The Fiesta San Antonio mascot!

We are very excited to hear that San Antonio’s Southside, Michael Quintanilla, will be the Grand Marshal, and Angela Salinas, a retired Marine Corps major general, will be the honorary Grand Marshal!

 Gonzaba Medical Group will also be participating in the Fiesta Flambeau Parade and will also have nurses and staff working first-aid stations along the parade route.

Look out for our float at the Fiesta Flambeau Parade on April 27th!  The parade starts at 7:45 PM.

Viva Fiesta!

The Fiesta Flambeau Countdown








Fiesta medals are a popular tradition in San Antonio, Texas, and are becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world.

Collecting Fiesta medals has become a beloved pastime for locals and visitors alike, with some people amassing hundreds or even thousands of medals over the years.

Fiesta medals are a unique and fun way to celebrate the vibrant culture and community spirit of San Antonio.

Gonzaba Medical Group is excited to share our 2024 Fiesta Medal!

"2024 Official Fiesta Medal of Gonzaba Medical Group"
2024 Fiesta Medal (Front & Back)

The 2024 Fiesta Medal will be distributed at select upcoming community events.

Check our Facebook page to see the Upcoming Events!

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