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City Council Proclamation: September is “Celebrate San Antonio Seniors” Month

Posted On : September 9, 2017 In : Gonzaba Events

On Thursday, September 7th, 2017, the San Antonio City Council passed a resolution that declared September as “Celebrate San Antonio Seniors” month. This resolution was passed in honor of Dr. Bill Gonzaba and all the great things he has done over the years for the seniors in the San Antonio community. September will be “Celebrate San Antonio Seniors” month this year and every year going forward. The resolution cites the contributions of senior experience, wisdom, time and talent that our seniors contribute to the strength, vitality and strong character of our city. The resolution also encourages San Antonio seniors to pursue healthy aging through proper nutrition, exercise and preventative care provided through the city‚Äôs senior centers and community partners who contribute to helping seniors live active, independent and engaged lives.

Dr. Bill was recognized by Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran as being one of San Antonio’s greatest community partners and for growing Gonzaba Medical Group from an old Pan-American restaurant into the 7 locations it is now serving seniors in four different council districts. Dr. Bill provides nearly 600 jobs to the San Antonio community and was recognized as being not only a strong physician leader, but also someone that has continued to give back to the community and has set the bar extremely high. Click on the link to watch the San Antonio City Council pass the resolution and recognize Dr. Bill for all the work he has done for the community: https://youtu.be/6NwN6zd6oR4 Gonzaba Medical Group, under the leadership of William ‚ÄúDr. Bill‚ÄĚ Gonzaba, has provided quality healthcare and excellent customer service for more than 56 years. Serving patients in seven (7) locations throughout San Antonio, Gonzaba Medical Group continues to change the way healthcare is delivered while staying true to its core purpose, To serve our patients like family – ‚ÄúComo Familia‚ÄĚ. For more information, please visit www.gonzaba.com.