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Local seniors kick off Fiesta with live music, food, dancing

Posted On : April 20, 2017 In : Gonzaba Events

SAN ANTONIO – Fiesta officially begins Thursday, but some local seniors kicked off the party early, and with a purpose, Wednesday morning.

The Gonzaba Medical Group hosted its 10th annual Senior Fiesta, with musical performances by Ruben Ramos, Raulito Navaira and the Latin Legends.

The medical group throws the event to provide a fun, safe environment where seniors can partake in the Fiesta spirit.

“Their ability to come out and meet other people really helps them move around and talk to other people, and it’s a good thing for the seniors,” Gonzaba Medical Group founder Bill Gonzaba said.

More than 1,500 guests were expected to attend and partake in the live music, food and dancing.