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Urgent Care

Our medical director, Dr Tom Gonzaba is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine who trained and worked in one of the busiest trauma emergency care hospital in the United States. Many of our Urgent Care providers have worked in local emergency rooms prior to working for GMG Urgent Care.

GMG Urgent Care is an advanced urgent care center because we have advanced x-ray capabilities at our main office that enable us to evaluate conditions such as head injuries and abdominal pains that require advanced imaging. We have some basic lab testing abilities to evaluate for urgent medical conditions such as dehydration, diabetes, flu, strep throat, anemia, and urine infections. We can evaluate and treat your respiratory symptoms such as asthma and pneumonia. We have the ability to evaluate complex joint injuries that may require MRI imaging to look for surgical needs.

If you feel you have an immediate life threating issues such as a heart attack, new progressing stroke, or open bone injury, these are Emergencies that require emergency evaluation and treatment. We recommend calling 911 and report directly to emergency room.