C. Gallegos

In the 18 years I’ve been coming to Gonzaba, I have had the best care imaginable at both my close location on Culebra Road and the Pleasanton office. Dr Greg Gonzaba is my fabulous doctor and he and his staff are attentive, caring and efficient.
>Urgent Care, life savers especially during this past flu season – whew – that was rough, they are always helpful and gracious.
>Dr Cruz my podiatrist did some miraculous surgery on my big toe with Jennifer doing great toenail care.
>Dr Smith great chiropractor who stepped in at Culebra when needed.

>I am currently in frequent treatment at therapy (due to past car accident) greeted at the front desk by warm and friendly Tomy, Regina and Ana – so helpful; with the fabulous therapy team Gabe, Hector, Jo, Jehosafat and the awesome Dr Solano meeting my chiropractic needs.
>I thank God for the front desk team at our Culebra main office – Becky, Glenda, Bennett, and I see some new faces so I don’t remember their names, I love them dearly, our Sr citizen greeter Gene who is so personable, Robert and now Sabrina leading the people who sign us in and others working in the back – they treat us with such grace and kindness (we seniors are sometimes desperately hurting and may be grouchy at times – hope I’m not too tough) and
>Jay, patient advocate bends over backwards to help as does
> Warm and friendly Tina, our Office Manager she is always so helpful — love them all and pray for our entire Gonzaba Medical Group! What a great team!

Can’t wait for the Grand Opening in May of our New Location on Culebra Road.
(I recently recommended a friend to the Culebra Rd location and she said she has been treated like a “Queen” during all her visits and appreciates the follow up calls!)

C. Wilder

I was very apprehensive about going to a Dr. It had been 10 years. From past experiences with office wait times, etc i wasn’t looking forward to it. I read the reviews and decided to try these folks. WOW!!! Forget about the professionalism and how cordial they were. My Dr ACTUALLY had a vested interest and took time with me. Dr, Cantu will actually make me look forward to future visits. Kudos to you Gonzaba group. You figured out the whole HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE AWESOME thing!!

M. Garcia

My Husband just started with Gonzaba Medical Group and we are both very happy with all the attention he is getting there. They’ve done several thorough exams that he hadn’t gotten anywhere else and still more to come. The nurses and staff are super friendly and ready to help and Dr Gonzaba was very thorough with questions and exam. We are very happy with this move!

N. Garza

I have been going to Gonzaba main location Over 25 years I have never had bad service. My Doctor is Robert Ramirez. All the offices and nurses are great people always attentive to your medical needs.

C. Lee

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate what the Gonzaba Medical Group has done not only for me, but my friends, family, and our entire San Antonio community. It goes far beyond clinics and medicine.

For twenty years, GMG has been there for everything. They are my wellness clinic, my chronic condition clinic, my “oh no” clinic for minor accidents & illnesses, and my go to for all of my medical needs. They even handle work-related injuries. And if you are ever hospitalized, expect to see the GMG Hospitalist doctor while you are there. (I found this very reassuring and comforting when I was admitted for emergency surgery in 2016.)

The Gonzaba motto is “Treating you like family.” Not only does it sound good, but GMG fully believes in this statement, backing it up with their actions all the time.

As a long-time patient of Dr. Robert Ramirez, I have seen the main clinic evolve through a series of service tweaks over the years. Like any busy place, the wait times used to be longer than desired. These days, most patients rarely spend more than a few extra minutes waiting and I credit that directly to the care system GMG has been fine tuning all these years. They have truly developed into what I consider a leader in “best practices health care management” for every patient, every time. On a side note, even if Dr. Gonzaba is not your PCP, chances are very high that you will see him in the clinic and be treated to a warm welcome with a handshake or a hug – good for the heart, in my personal opinion.

Whether it is your first visit or you are a second, third or fourth (!!) generation patient, GMG is going to do their best for you. From their friendly staff to their streamlined services, they have everything you need.

Every doctor at Gonzaba is part of a nucleus team that is fully dedicated to their particular patients. For instance, if your primary doctor is not available for a last minute appointnent you might be scheduled to see a Physician’s Assistant instead. But you will always deal with the same small group of professionals for anything you need. These co-op groups (as I call them) work closely with each other and consult regularly about their patients’ needs and concerns. Your PCP is always kept in the loop so you receive consistent care & treatment for anything that comes up.

In addition to this, they provide walk-in care seven days a week. The imaging services, physical therapists, laboratory, and a host of specialists are all conveniently housed within the clinic. It is a huge stress reliever to know that if you need other diagnostic or treatment services, it is all right there.

I cannot complete this review without addressing Dr. Gonzaba’s growing community legacy as well. Not only has he created a fantastic medical group that serves thousands of San Antonians, but he has been a staunch supporter of the communities these clinics serve. GMG patients and other community members thrive because of the efforts made by Dr. Gonzaba and his family. Education, advocacy, and whole life enrichment are provided through the clinics, the new Event Center, and especially senior services all established by Dr. Gonzaba with the specific intent of improving lives with more than medicine.

If you want to be more than a chart in the file cabinet, I highly recommend Gonzaba Medical Group at any of their locations. And for those of you in the outlying Northwest areas, 2018 is bringing a brand new GMG clinic to your community at Culebra & Potranco. This will be a huge upgrade and expansion to the current Northwest clinic. Look for it in May!

Jesse Solano

As a United Healthcare Agent it is my honor and privilege to serve the senior community in Bexar County and the surrounding Counties. There is nothing more paramount than the health and well being of the clients I serve. I am proud to say that the partnership that I have been able to forge with Gonzaba Medical Group has been crucial to maintaining my goals of providing my clients with an opportunity to experience service and care that goes above and beyond the standard. I frequently receive phone calls from my clients who are both grateful and ecstatic about the care they are receiving from the Doctors and staff and Gonzaba Medical Group. As an agent it is also of utmost importance to ensure that my clients are transitioned into care smoothly and without interruption or detriment to their current care. I am happy to share that the onboarding staff have made this transition easy and pain free.

I am always able to reach someone in a timely manner and or my calls are returned promptly and action is taken to keep things running smoothly. The marketing staff is very helpful with the onboarding steps and they facilitate this portion of the process like true professionals should.

Jesse Solano

Roxanne Solano

Working with everyone at Gonzaba has been a pleasant experience. This opportunity has allowed me to help the senior community who put their trust in me as a United Healthcare agent. My clients and thier health needs are my priority and being able to provide them with Gonzaba as an option has been key in my alignment with that goal. I am deeply gratified to have this relationship with Gonzaba

Rudy Sanchez-CEO

We, San Antonio65.org are a local agency that helps seniors get the most out of their Medicare benefits and save money. Over the past 10 years we have helped over 5000 seniors and have put nearly $3.5 million dollars back in their pocket through our free assistance in qualifying for Medicaid and Help with the cost of prescription drugs.

Over the past year, we began working together with Gonzaba Medical Group. We found that both our organizations share the same values and passion for helping our senior community. If you have not experienced their Pleasanton Rd Clinic Tour, you should! We were very impressed with the commitment and hard work that Gonzaba has invested, in assuring that each patient receives the best healthcare available today. From the clinic layout to the dedicated staff of doctors and support staff, it is one of the best!

Gonzaba’s investment in opening their Gonzaba Activity Center proves their commitment to serving our senior community and serves as a gathering center for both seniors, organizations, city community groups and agents. The activity center offers and opportunity for seniors to get out of their home and be activity physically through their many activities and just as important allows them to be mentally active through socialization with others at the center.

Gonzaba understands that, working with organizations, city community groups and agents provides a needed service for our senior community and brings awareness of services, assistance and products which are available for the purpose of improving their lives.

We look forward to growing our relationship with Gonzaba and the opportunity to reach out to our seniors. Together as we both strive to improve our efforts to be of service to our growing senior community we can be better equipped to meet and help with the challenges they face today and in the future.

Rudy Sanchez-CEO
Certified Seniors Advisor



Gonzaba Medical Group