The Gonzaba Urgent Care Main Medical Center has relocated to 711 Pleasanton Rd.

Advanced Urgent Care Center
Now Open!

The Gonzaba Urgent Care Main Medical Center has relocated to a new, stand-alone facility across the street from its current location on Pleasanton Rd.

About Us

Same quality care in a New,
State of the Art Facility!

Located in the heart of San Antonio’s Southside, Gonzaba’s Main Urgent Care is located off of 711 Pleasanton Rd. in the same corridor as our Main Medical Center.

Gonzaba’s Advanced Urgent Care Center includes triage rooms, exam rooms, and fast track bays to accommodate your acute and urgent care needs.

With Gonzaba’s coordinated team of health care professionals, primary care physicians work directly with a multitude of other services, including the Urgent Care teams, to ensure your Urgent Care and Gonzaba Primary Care providers stay up to date with your healthcare status and needs.

Our investment and innovation of advanced urgent care is beyond the expected and not common in the industry. This Advanced Urgent Care expansion aligns with our focus on the patient.
Dr. Tom Gonzaba

Medical Director, Gonzaba Medical Group

Our Services

Who and what can we treat?

The advanced Gonzaba Urgent Care Center is available to everyone. Additionally, Gonzaba Medical Group patients enjoy the added benefit of highly coordinated care between the advanced Gonzaba Urgent Care Center and their Gonzaba primary care physician.

Gonzaba’s Urgent Care Centers are a same day/walk-in medical care for urgent medical conditions that need to be addressed that day. It’s for urgent health complaints and to prevent rapid, worsening health or discomfort. This includes fever, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, weakness, and dehydration. Our physicians and experienced urgent care staff are here to help.

Injuries such as abrasions, abscesses, fractures and dislocations, hand and foot injuries, back pain, minor burns, contusions, cuts and scrapes, eye, and ear injuries. We treat ailments such as allergies and minor allergic reactions, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia, ear infections and more. We are also here if you are feeling under-the-weather and can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care doctor.

Questions? Call 210-787-4746

We are growing to continue our mission to meet patients’ needs by going beyond the expectations of a regular urgent care center. Our advanced facility accommodates patients at the rate of an urgent care center with the quality of a regular doctor’s visit. Gonzaba offers three conveniently located Urgent Care Centers, to better serve you, every day, 8 AM – 8 PM!

Main Medical Center
711 Pleasanton Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78214

Open everyday: 8 AM- 8 PM

Northwest Medical Center
7219 Culebra Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78251

Open everyday: 8 AM- 8 PM

Hillcrest Medical Center
1499 Hillcrest Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78228

Monday – Friday – 8 AM – 8 PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Gonzaba Urgent Care Center