There are many different reasons that your primary care physician might refer you to a physical therapist, just like there are many types of physical therapy. There are therapists that specialize in certain areas like geriatrics, cardiovascular, vestibular therapy, and many others. Seeing a specialized physical therapist has many benefits and can often resolve or manage your pain in instances your primary care physician cannot.

  • Pain Relief. Physical therapists are trained in the art of massage therapy. This is not the type of massage that you receive at a spa in that the therapist focuses on reducing tightness in the muscles and encourages mobility of the body. These exercises are used to encourage the restoration of the body part that has been injured.
  • Removal of Tension. Not only do physical therapists aid in the mobility of the body- they also offer relief for health conditions that are not typically associated with rehabilitation. Physical therapists, or PTs, can release tension in the body and reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, dizziness, and even jaw pain.
  • Improved Circulation. Physical Therapists can help those with poor blood circulation by creating exercises that increase blood flow. Typically, they work with patients suffering from diabetes, however, these techniques can be used by anyone with poor circulation in the body.
  • Relief from Arthritis. Some of the more common conditions that physical therapy can assist with are arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. While the therapy is not a cure for these ailments, it can help reduce the amount of pain felt for those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel. They can provide the patient with simple and easy exercises to be done at home that offers pain relief and function of the affected area.
  • Avoided Surgery. There are times, mainly after an injury, that a doctor might recommend a physical therapist as an alternative to surgery. They can alleviate the pain felt from an injury and assist in making sure the injury heals properly without needing surgery. Even in cases where therapy does not help, the practice can help make the tissue and muscles around the area stronger in preparation for a procedure.
  • Improved Balance. In cases where a patient has had surgery and was bedridden or needs assistance learning how to walk, physical therapists are the key. They assist in improving coordination and balance through small carefully planned maneuvers. The process recreates real-life situations and helps improve the way they walk.

Physical therapists are very versatile in the different types of conditions they treat. They also work in a wide variety of settings, from outpatient and private clinics to hospitals, schools, and even emergency rooms. No matter what type of therapy you need, all therapists are there to help with returning normal function to the body. If you need a physical therapist in San Antonio or want to know more about the practice, contact us at Gonzaba Medical Group. Our doctors, physicians, and therapists are always here to help you.