Diabetes Improvement Program

When you are living with diabetes or have a loved one who is, building connections with a diabetes care team can be the best medicine.

We are proud to be a nationally accredited program by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES).

Our Mission:

To provide quality diabetes self-management through coordinated education and compassionate support to patients and families affected by diabetes.

Our program is a patient-centered initiative to serve our community “Como Familia – Like Family.”

Our Goals:

  • To provide culturally sensitive and evidence-based education based on the needs of the individual with diabetes via group or individual sessions.
  • To empower people affected by diabetes with the skills to self-manage their disease starting at the time of diagnosis and throughout their lifetime.
  • To provide practical education to help prevent and delay the development of diabetes complications.
  • To offer a supportive environment for those living with diabetes and those who care for them.

Patient Education

One-on-One Appointments

During one-on-one appointments, you will learn everything you need to self-manage your diabetes in a tailored way to meet your individual needs. You will learn about:

  • The diabetes medications you take and how they help to manage your blood sugars
  • Using your blood sugar meter (glucometer)
  • Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • What your blood sugar readings mean and what to do when it is out of range
  • Giving insulin injections
  • Meal planning and reading food labels
  • Exercise plan development
  • Managing other health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and how to maintain a healthy weight

Group Classes

In the group classes, you will learn about:

  • Diabetes and Insulin resistance
  • The difference between Type I and Type II diabetes
  • Diabetes complications
  • Managing diabetes through monitoring blood sugar, healthy eating, and active lifestyle
  • Management of low and high blood sugars
  • How to take care of yourself and your diabetes when you are sick
  • Self-managing problems with your blood sugars
  • How to problem solve your diabetes
  • Strategies for healthy coping

Medical Management

Specialty Support

  • Endocrinologists help support your primary care doctor in managing your diabetes care
  • Nurse Practitioners helps endocrinologists with patients needing coaching and adjusting their insulin
  • Diabetes Educator helps to assist both endocrinologists and nurse practitioners with dietary support and group classes

Insulin Titration Program

This program has been developed to help improve patient’s overall diabetes control by:

  • Providing periodic phone conferences with you focusing on your diabetes
  • Reviewing blood sugar logs and food diary
  • Monitoring for low blood sugar levels or changes in overall diabetes health
  • Making appropriate changes in insulin dose

Diabetes Foot Health

The role of our Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) is to improve the quality of care to your feet by:

  • Providing foot assessments for diabetic shoe qualifications
  • Giving general advice/guidance on proper footwear and foot care to prevent any complications

Medicare Covered Screenings

You may qualify for a Medicare-covered screening for diabetes. Check out our Medicare Guide for more information!

Meet Your Team

Dr. LuisDr. Luis Anaya-Hoyos, Endocrinologist
Celina QuilantanCelina Quilantan, Foot Health Practitioner

We are a patient centered, physician-led, value driven medical group that enhances the well-being of our patients through coordinated, compassionate care.


Main Medical Center
720 Pleasanton Road
San Antonio, Tx 78214.

Northwest Medical Center
7219 Culebra Road
San Antonio, TX 78251

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