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Garcia-Gallegos, Jesus MD

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Dr. Jesus Garcia-Gallegos is very passionate about patient care and especially the care of patients over 65 years old.

He firmly believes in quality of care, compassion, genuine respect for his patients, collaboration with other physicians, and anticipating the challenges tomorrow may bring.

Dr. Jesus Garcia-Gallegos was born in Mexico, but since young, he decided to follow his passion: Medicine and the care of elderly persons.

He graduated from the University of Nuevo Leon 1996, and went abroad to pursue further education, he did his postgraduate studies in Heidelberg, Germany, where he achieved his PhD.

Dr. Garcia-Gallegos, decided to move to the US and continue his education. He graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch, where he received the diploma in Family Medicine and also finished his fellowship in Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care.

Since then, Dr. Garcia-Gallegos has been working at Gonzaba Medical Group where he has a regular clinic but also Dr. Garcia-Gallegos follow his patients at the Hospitals and Skilled nursing facilities.

Dr. Garcia-Gallegos is accepting new patients.

DEC # 020103-0032
PRPR # 01404397
VENDOR ID # 642651


  • University of Texas Medical Branch


American Board of Family Medicine