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Urrea-Botero, Gabriel MD

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Dr. Gabriel Urrea-Botero has been a specialist at Gonzaba Medical Group since 2010. He chose to join GMG because he wanted a primary care place with a large Hispanic population, high prevalence of diabetes and diabetic foot complications as well as chronic non-healing wounds. Since, he also enjoys doing skin procedures in primary care, he found GMG to be the best place to expand his expertise and serve the community, especially those in major need.

Dr. Urrea-Botero (“Dr. Botero”) earned his medical degree from the Universidad de Caldas and his Master of Education and Human Development from Centro Internacional de Desarrollo Humano, both in Manizales, Colombia. His residency in Family Medicine was successfully completed at Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His fellowships included Wound Care and Geriatric Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine as well as an observership and training program in diabetes and diabetic foot care at the Texas Diabetes Institute in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Urrea-Botero’s memberships and affiliations include the American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Diabetes Association, American Geriatric Society, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, and the American Professional Wound Care Association.

Dr. Urrea-Botero is fluent in English and Spanish.

For leisure, he is taking painting classes. At home, he practices painting and drawing. He enjoys reading history, economics, politics, science, and technology. He also enjoys activities such as swimming, biking, running, and going to the gym.

“Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

“I marvel that society would pay a surgeon a large sum of money to remove a person’s leg but nothing to save it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


Universidad de Caldas Centro Internacional de Desarrollo Humano Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia Baylor College of Medicine