Gonzaba Medical Group Announces New Medical Center

January 26, 2022

Gonzaba Medical Group Hillcrest Medical Center
SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 26, 2022) – As the leading provider of quality senior healthcare in San Antonio, Gonzaba Medical Group is expanding its presence in northwest San Antonio with the new Hillcrest Medical Center. Located on a prominent site at the corner of Hillcrest and Bandera Roads, the first phase consists of 15,000 square feet, with plans for over 30,000 square feet of medical space within the next year. The medical center will provide the high-quality healthcare that Gonzaba has been providing for over 60 years in San Antonio.

“San Antonio is our home. It has been the home for Gonzaba Medical Group for over 60 years, and I am extremely proud to continue on our growth trajectory with the opening of the Hillcrest Medical Center,” said Dr. Bill Gonzaba, Founder and CEO of Gonzaba Medical Group. “Today, with our healthcare model, we are driven to provide quality medical care and it is our purpose, our calling that gives us the opportunity to serve others and the community in a way that gives purpose and meaning to life,” added Gonzaba.

As one of San Antonio’s legacy companies, Gonzaba Medical Group is a healthcare innovator setting a model of the future for medical practices across the nation. The Gonzaba Model places emphasis on the patient outcomes through quality, transparency, and affordability, encouraging doctors to spend quality time with patients to achieve optimal results.

“As we have grown over the years to serve San Antonio’s expanding geography and population, the demand for our standard of care in the northwest quadrant of our city was clear and we are committed to growing at this location,” said Paco Gonzaba Executive Director of Business Operations, at the helm of leading the redevelopment of the Hillcrest Medical Center. “Our philosophy and approach of treating everyone Como Familia, Like Family, is what differentiates us. Our Gonzaba Total Approach to senior healthcare takes care of the body, mind, and spirit, so our seniors can enjoy life and be healthy, active, and informed,” added Paco Gonzaba.

The new Hillcrest Medical Center was modeled and designed after the successful Northwest Medical Center, utilizing top tier architectural firm, RVK.