Gonzaba Medical Group Leads the Way In COVID-19 Medical and Community Response

June 11, 2020

Gonzaba Medical Group Covid Response Team

As a nationally recognized and locally trusted provider of health care, Gonzaba Medical Group celebrates 60 years of service to the south Texas community in 2020. While it is known for its patient-centered approach year after year, it’s clear that the mission of Gonzaba Medical Group is to be more than just a medical practice. To Dr. Bill Gonzaba, founder and CEO, it is a sacred calling. The key has always been to serve the community and treat all patients como familia – like family.

“Unfortunately, in health care today, too often a patient is just a number or a symptom,” says Dr. Bill. “At Gonzaba, we aim to treat the whole person and that includes creating opportunities for our patients and their families to engage with each other as part of the healing and wellness process. That is the art of medicine.”

That is particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic. As they have for 60 years, Gonzaba Medical Group will continue to make their senior patients’ healthcare needs their highest priority. They have responded to the current health crisis by making telehealth simple and easy for their patients. Patients can visit with their physician from the safety of their home via telephone, or patients can see their doctor from anywhere using videoconference from any device – computer, tablet, or smart phone. Gonzaba has also continued to see patients in person, in contrast to many physician groups who ceased offering this option.

“Gonzaba is known for its use of innovation to deliver health care,” says Dr. Tom Gonzaba, Medical Director. “Technology is only as good as the physician or care provider who uses it. When you combine our five-star team with state-of-the-art technology, you get the best medicine has to offer.”

Gonzaba Contact Center
Gonzaba Medical Group also has an in-house Contact Center available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. Patient Service Representatives can help with doctor appointments, Medicare questions, prescription refills and other healthcare information. Their Senior Patient Hotline is staffed with nurses who can answer medical questions.

Creating opportunities for community engagement has been particularly difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing created challenges for seniors in basic daily tasks such as grocery shopping and in maintaining their all-important social circles. Gonzaba Medical Group has responded with new programs to meet both needs, thus leading the way in meeting its community mission.

Gonzaba proving food for local community during COVID-19 Pandemic.
Gonzaba Medical Group has also supported the community by providing food to those in need. They have hosted Senior Produce Drive-Thru’s at multiple Gonzaba Medical Group locations and delivered pantry items and produce to senior centers, churches, and directly to low-income senior patients. To support local small businesses, Gonzaba Medical Group purchased the pantry bag items and produce through them.

“Since the day I opened our first clinic in one room on South Flores Street, I’ve always believed healing had to include creating a stronger sense of community,” says Dr. Bill Gonzaba, visionary for what has become the largest family-owned and physician-led network of primary care and specialty clinics in the Bexar County region. “Growing up on the south side of San Antonio, I learned that community connection and family is as important to wellness as regularly visiting your doctor. We dedicated our practice to building the highest quality of care and a caring community together.”

On the social front, Gonzaba Medical Group launched Connection Wednesdays via Facebook to give patients a way to maintain personal contact. The program offers nutritional food videos, arts and crafts, at-home-exercises, and community conversations with leaders like San Antonio Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran and Senator Jose Menendez.

“Now more than ever, Dr. Bill has made high-quality health care for our senior community accessible,” says Councilwoman Viagran. “He has made a huge difference in the lives of his patients and their families, not only in our city but throughout South Texas.”

From its humble beginnings on South Flores Street, the Gonzaba Medical Group has now grown to seven locations to serve San Antonio and the surrounding counties. The Group now includes three comprehensive medical centers offering primary care, urgent care, specialty care, radiology services, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and laboratory services all under one roof.

Last year Gonzaba Medical Group opened a stand-alone Specialty Center to provide the senior population with the top-quality care they deserve. This is the principle behind the coordinated care model – patients having convenient access to specialty care connected with their primary care. Another benefit is that physicians can more effectively monitor their patients and can collaborate closely with the specialists.

The Gonzaba Specialty Center is the first multi-disciplinary stand-alone specialty center in the south side. The 8,000 square foot Specialty Center provides a state-of-the-art location for endocrinology, wound care, rheumatology, palliative care, podiatry, infectious disease, hematology and oncology, and, most recently, dermatology.

The Specialty Center complements the existing three medical centers – the Main Medical Center on Pleasanton Road serving South San Antonio, the Woodlawn Medical Center serving surrounding neighborhoods in the Woodlawn Lake area, and the newest Northwest Medical Center located on Culebra Road just outside Loop 410.

Gonzaba Medical Group has four additional clinics that serve as satellite locations. These clinics are strategically located in the North Central area, the Southeast, Downtown, and in the historic Guadalupe district.

Gonzaba Medical Group continues to expand its services and accessibility in the San Antonio community. In March 2020, they relocated their Guadalupe Clinic to a larger, state-of-the-art location with additional physicians and services. The nearly 5,000 square foot clinic provides easy access to healthcare in one of the largest underserved areas in the city. More than half of the population in the Guadalupe community is uninsured.

The Guadalupe Clinic includes 1,200 square foot event center to help provide opportunities opportunities for seniors to engage in physical and social activities. Research has proven that physical activity helps prevent depression in the elderly – now more important than ever. Additionally, Gonzaba Medical Group will open its third event center to serve north San Antonio later this year.

Dr. Francesca Gushiken is a new physician accepting patients at the Guadalupe Clinic. Originally from Peru, she brings not only more than 20 years of experience in internal medicine and hematology, but also a deep understanding of the Latino culture, which enhances the patient experience.

“I chose to work at Gonzaba Medical Group because physicians are encouraged to spend more time with each patient when compared to the national average,” said Dr. Gushiken. “Research has shown that when physicians spend more time understanding the complexities of each patient individually, medical outcomes improve.”

“Not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but every time, every day, every one of us at Gonzaba Medical Group must do the right thing for the patient as they would for family,” shares Dr. Bill. “We will continue to provide the highest quality care and remain committed to serving our patients – como familia.”

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