As you get older, it is essential to take care of yourself. Trying to stay healthy as you age can be a challenge. Through Gonzaba Medical Group, we created a program called Strong65. It was created for San Antonio seniors to engage in healthy lifestyles. By signing up for this program, it will give you membership to social events, access to fresh produce and vegetables, and special giveaways. Join the Strong65 family and be a part of a community that focuses on the fun of aging all together!

There are many ways to stay healthy while aging. Here are some tips:

  • Stay Active:
    • Regular exercise is one of the most significant keys to physical and mental wellbeing. Staying active can keep you fit enough to maintain independence as you age. It may also prevent or provide relief from common chronic conditions. Do exercises that you will enjoy. Some people are not the type to stick to a regular gym routine. Instead, go for a walk or bike ride every day. Incorporate aerobic balance and muscle strengthening into your own routine. Choose what works best for you and get moving!
  • Eat Healthy Foods:
    • In the US, most adults consume more than double the recommended daily allowance of sodium. Most sodium comes from pre-packaged foods and restaurants. Eat foods such as fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. Try to avoid sweet, salty, and processed foods. Every person has different dietary needs, so remember to consult your doctor before you change your meal plan.
  • Keep Actively Learning:
    • Cognitive decline is a regular part of aging, but there are ways to slow down that decline. Studies have shown that a lifestyle that includes cognitive simulation through active learning slows down the decline. Never stop learning new things and challenging your brain. Take dance lessons, try to learn a new language, attend lectures, read, or practice a new instrument.
  • Maintain Your Relationships:
    • A good number of older adults live by themselves. Living alone is the strongest factor of loneliness. As you age, there are life events that can cause social isolation such as retirement, health issue, or the loss of a spouse. Maintain communication with your family and friends. You could also take the time to reach out to friends or family that may be lonely or isolated.
  • Sleep:
    • Older adults need just as much sleep as younger adults. Lack of sleep can cause depression, irritability, increased fall risk, and memory problems. Develop a regular sleep schedule with a bedtime routine. You can try to keep your bedroom dark and noise free to prevent you from waking up too early or in the middle of the night. Also, stay away from caffeine late in the day because that can cause an issue in your sleep schedule.
  • Practice Prevention:
    • Many accidents that happen to older adults can be preventable. The accidents that can occur are illnesses, falls, chronic illness, depression, and frailty. To prevent illness, get your yearly shots and wash your hands after using the restroom and before handling any food. To avoid a fall, walk through your home and do a safety checklist, wear appropriate footwear, get your vision checked, use assistive devices, and take your vitamins.
  • Reduce Stress:
    • No matter what age, stress can cause a severe decline in your health. However, as you age, our stressor’s change and so does the ability to deal with stress. Long-term stress can damage brain cells, lead to depression, affect memory, cause fatigue, and decrease the ability to fight off illnesses. Even though we cannot avoid stressful situations entirely, you can learn better techniques to cope with stress. Talk to a loved one or counselor about your stress and try new relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques can be yoga, meditation, and controlled breathing.
  • Make Community Connections:
    • Older adults who engage in community activities feel healthier and less depressed. Join a program that will keep you social and moving, such as the Strong65 program through Gonzaba Medical Group.

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