You have made your New Year’s resolution to live a healthier life, but are you sticking to it? Mid-January is when most people tend to abandon their resolutions only a few weeks after having made them. Here are a few tips to help you keep your diet, weight loss, and healthy living resolutions.

Set reasonable goals.

Choosing an unattainable New Year’s resolution will almost always end in failure. Instead, set smaller and more realistic goals for yourself. Once you complete one part of your resolution, move on to the next. Starting small helps boost your confidence so that when you do reach those goals, you will be encouraged to challenge yourself even more. Try to make your resolutions as specific as possible. If your resolution is to exercise more, then be sure to define what more is. Do you want to work out every day or just four days a week?

Change your mindset.

Having a positive association with healthy habits like going to the gym and eating more vegetables will encourage you to stay on track. You are more likely to keep your resolution if you enjoy your workouts and find wholesome recipes you like eating. If you are finding it hard to eliminate things like sugar from your diet, Gonzaba Physician Dr. J. Oscar Seda has a video all about how to change your taste buds. If exercising is not so appealing to you, the Gonzaba Event Center offers free and fun exercise classes, social events, farmers markets, and cooking classes for seniors 62 and older.

Budget your time wisely.

It may seem as though you do not have enough hours in the day, but try taking a look at how you manage your free time. This will help you create a schedule that allows you to make time for things like exercising and preparing healthy meals. It is important to take breaks, but remember that an active and healthy lifestyle will take effort. If you are one to sit on the couch and watch television for long periods of time, try setting a time limit for yourself. Instead of spending your whole afternoon at home, take an hour of your time to go for a walk or participate in an exercise class. Getting any amount of exercise is better than getting no exercise at all.

Recognize that your goal may take time to reach.

The path to success is a rarely a straight line—it usually has its ups and downs. Mistakes are bound to happen, but you make the choice to learn from them or to be defeated by them. If you happen to miss a day at the gym or you ate a not-so-healthy meal, don’t punish yourself or give up–just return to your diet and exercise plan the next day.

Get informed!

It is easier to make healthy decisions when you have the knowledge to support those decisions. For information and tips on how to live a healthier life, visit our YouTube channel. There are informative videos showcasing short exercise routines, medical advice, and healthy eating tips about diet and nutrition.

At Gonzaba Medical Group, we believe in disease prevention and wellness. Preventative care starts with keeping your body and mind active and healthy. By committing to your health in 2018, you lessen your risk of developing health problems and diseases. Improve your life and health this year with your New Year’s resolution!