immunization awareness san antonio

Did you know in the last 50 years, vaccines have saved more than one billion lives in the United States alone? Imagine what the world would be like without vaccinations. When the majority of people are vaccinated, it can lead to eliminating preventable illness and eventually put an end to epidemics. August is National Immunization Awareness Month, an annual observance that brings attention to the importance of vaccinations. Below is information on why it is crucial to get vaccinated.

  • Avoid hospital visits. Immunizations not only help reduce your hospital visits, but they also help avoid the inconvenience and high costs of getting sick.
  • Maintain good health. Immunizations assist in reducing your risk of severe diseases and illnesses.
  • Keep others around you healthy. Immunizations can debilitate the possibility of spreading infections and illnesses to others.

Getting vaccinated on a regular basis not only protects you from getting life-threatening diseases but also protects other people who cannot receive vaccinations. Some people may not be eligible to get vaccinated due to illness, age, pregnancy or at risk for an allergic reaction, which makes it even more critical for us to protect those around us who are not able to get an immunization.

There are many different types of vaccinations to get at different ages in our lives. Here is a quick guide from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on which immunizations you should get at when you reach a certain age.  For those over the age of 50, and especially over the age of 65, it is essential to get your shingles vaccine. Pneumococcal and flu shots are also critical shots to get.

According to research, severe illnesses and diseases are becoming rarer due to immunizations. Vaccinations contribute to the elimination of serious diseases. If the amount of people who receive vaccinations decreases each year, it is possible to see a reappearance of diseases and illnesses that could severely devastate the United States population.

If you are still unsure about getting your or your family vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to visit your primary care doctor and discuss the facts you need so that you can make a practical, educated decision.

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